Who is tay zonday dating dating fender squire bullet guitars

He won You Tube- award in the "Music" category in March 2008.Tay Zonday also appeared in a commercial in "Last Laugh 07,", hosted by Lewis Black.He was featured in the Grammy Award winning music video for rock band Weezer's single "Pork and Beans." In May 2008, he performed an acoustic version of the song with Brian Bell of Weezer.He is also a voice actor; he has lent his voice for a character in Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, making a parody of his own performance in "Chocolate Rain." In February 2010, he made a cameo appearance in Vizio Super Bowl, commercially opened by Beyonce.

Tay Zonday has 585 k followers in Twitter and 21.3 K followers on Instagram. He is 34years old, and his relationship status is single yet.He has not disclosed anything officially about his love life.His height is 5 feet 8 inches and belongs to mixed ethnicity African- American. Not because they’re digital visual communication (though of course, they are that), but because they are the product of a hive mind.They are the shorthand of a hyper-connected group thinking in unison.

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