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He began his musical career as a drummer and tap dancer at carnival shows.He joined Walter Page's Blue Devils in the late twenties.Also important to jazz percussion were Latin musicians on instruments such as maracas, congas, bongos, tumbadoras and timbales. Examples below are a long distance from jazz, until one considers such as James Reese Europe who later transformed his military experience into ragtime and touched (though barely) the hems of early jazz.Those of Latin heritage born in America are on this page. The earliest recordings emphasizing percussion were, what else but, the U. Among the earliest military bands to record with Edison was the Columbia Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps, releasing 'The Girl I Left Behind Me' in 1899, a recording that doesn't appear to have survived.

Jones kept his spot in Wilson's orchestra into 1938, joining him again in 19-56 ('The Impeccable Mr. They reunited on July 2 of 1972 at Carnegie Hall to back Benny Carter.Clayton would be an important associate for another twenty years, recording countless titles together, first with Basie, then with Clayton's own bands.His first tracks with Clayton's orchestra were in NYC circa August of '47 to support Helen Humes on such as 'Jet Propelled Papa' and 'They Raided the Joint'.Their last recordings together may have been on October 18, 1957, backing Paul Quinichette's 'For Basie'.For Jones' first recordings we return to April 2, 1931, with Victoria Spivey as a member of Lloyd Hunter's Serenaders (Hunter's only recordings): 'Sensational Mood' and ''Dreaming 'Bout My Man'.

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