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Buster is last seen in "Premature Independence" where he is escaping from prison during the 2nd of July parade. Buster is the socially awkward younger half-brother of Michael Bluth and is a main character of Arrested Development.

Buster is assumed to be the youngest son of Lucille & George Bluth Sr.

He is entirely too attached to his mother, and his first girlfriend Lucille Austero is actually his mother's best friend, whom he calls Lucille 2. The closest to a healthy relationship that Buster ever has is with the Bluth company's "business model" Starla, though it is eventually ruined by Buster's fear of physical intimacy.October Gonzalez the stunning wife of Tony Gonzalez former NFL Tight end has been announced to replace Jenny Mc Carty and Sheri Shepard along with political commentator Nicolle Wallace.October Gonzalez’s hubby Tony, 37, a communication graduated from the University of California was selected in the first round with the 13th overall of the 1997 NFL Draft.He is the definition of a "mama's boy" and enjoys giving shoulder rubs and suffers from crippling panic attacks.He has never had a real job, but spends his time enjoying scholarly pursuits.

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