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Some of the responsibilities which a landlord has to a tenant include: While you may feel like checking on how your tenant is looking after your property, you can’t just pop in whenever you feel like it.

Local legislation will stipulate how frequently you can do this and how to go about it.

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For example the landlord may make a claim on the bond for: As the landlord you have the right to request rent on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.Property investment remains one of the best ways to create wealth but success depends on much more than just property selection and location. property investment also involves people – namely landlords (that’s you) and tenants.Throughout the residential tenancy, you as the landlord have various responsibilities which must be upheld.However, landlords cannot charge tenants for any fair wear and tear of property that may have occurred during the tenancy.Examples of fair and wear include faded curtains or a worn kitchen bench-top.

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