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Background: We have purchased 14 HP Elite Book 820 laptops (which come with Windows 8.1 downgraded to Win 7 preinstalled) to rollout within our company and my usual method for laptop rollouts is to setup one with our corporate apps etc, run Sys Prep and then clone the hard drive to the rest of the laptops.

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This will be more time consuming when rolling out and rebuilding. You're probably going to have to upgrade each machine individually. What you are going to have to do is upgrade each laptop from within a previously activated Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 installed on it.Problem: I have setup one laptop and gone through the free upgrade to Windows 10 then installed our required apps etc, run Sys Prep, shutdown and cloned the hard drive to another hard drive to go into the next laptop (same model) to rollout.Windows is then unable to activate giving error code 0x C004C003 meaning the key is blocked.For the complete program, which can load, sign, validate, and save a package, see the Music Bundle Signature Sample.For simplicity, the function that is shown in the following sections demonstrates how to validate a single package signature with the certificate, called the signer certificate, that was used to generate the signature, without the use of a certificate chain.

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