Wireless validating identity unable to find certificate

The Shift Lieutenant/OIC may suspend visits for temporary periods of time when necessary.

Professional visitors, including attorneys, wishing to visit an inmate should go to the Public Magistrates Office and proceed to the records window.

This facility does not set bond amounts, modify court dates, render verdicts or determine punishment.

Public information regarding an inmate’s charges and conditions of release (bond) may be obtained by calling Inmate Information at (252) 902-2868, a.m. After regular hours and on holidays, call (252) 902-2913.

Restrictions may apply due to meals, sick call, facility emergencies, mass arrests and events beyond the control of facility management.

The identification card will be returned as the visitor is leaving.

Paraprofessionals (including legal assistants, paralegals, private detectives, interpreters and law students sponsored by a law school working for attorneys) must prove their identity by providing an officer with a valid government-issued identification card.

Professional visitors may not bring a briefcase, satchel, suitcase, bulky coat, purse or similar item into the facility.

They may bring law books, court documents, legal briefs, files, pads of paper, pens and pencils, and similar items into the facility.

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