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Our asset diversity has placed us as the second-largest leisure park operator in Europe and the eighth-largest leisure park operator worldwide.Overall, our parks received a total of approximately 20 million visitors every year, a number that materializes the success of our three-format business model: operation of fully-owned parks, operation of third-party parks, and consultancy for park developers. Since then, our history has spanned over 50 years of continued growth and diversification.

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We deliver vocational training for building trade apprentices to supplement their on-site or in-house training (multi-phase training in the building trades).

Our team is constantly developing and testing new prelands reaching the best conversion rate for you.

We are continuously working on optimizing algo- rithms to automatically improve your performance indicators.

Our support team will be with you every step of the way.

We will cheer on your successes and help you to achieve a greater profitability.

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