Wowmatrix not updating

;-)It's also running on my computer with the window open right now and my task manager tells me it's using 0% CPU and only 12.7 MB of ram.

If your 16GB gaming machine is struggling over less than 13MB of ram, you've got problems a lot bigger than the twitch app. Not everything is a conspiracy, and calling the new app "malware" is just poorly veiled and petulant hyperbole.

There are more instances if you keep scrolling down and so does Google, Bing, MS, Steam, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and every other free service you use. If you don't pay for a product, you are the product.

So if that is your main concern here, I suggest you stop using the internet altogether.

They now push their own MMO Minion client which displays their ads / mod author donate links. I'll hold off until the UI is improved a bit but good. Everything wants to be a 'hub' with all sorts of 'features'...

No one is trying to subvert your desired behavior or be sneaky.I don't need 'integrated' with facebook and twitch and fucking twitter.Same, but I also never updated my curse client when it turned into the twitch thing.To be fair, they do have pretty easy settings to manage. Chromium (and by extension Electron) is not only known for being a massive RAM waste, it also wastes stupid amounts of CPU time and prevents modern CPUs from staying idle.Change a couple of settings and it's basically the same thing. There's a reason why you can get literally hours of battery life by switching from Chrome to Safari / Edge, and the difference is even bigger when compared to native tools instead of websites packaged as "desktop" applications. Programs like Curse just skirt by by having an option in the preferences to turn that bullshit off.

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