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Interested in NNWP inservice classes: Check out their Fall & Spring on-line schedules. First of all, here in Nevada, the state writing test for eleventh graders must be passed by every student planning to graduate, and the prompts given to our juniors can be either expository or persuasive.

Second, we believe persuasive writing is a neglected genre, even though it is clearly embedded in our state standards.

Our genre-inspired teacher workshops include discussion topics for all of the six writing traits, but with each class we offer we try to focus in on one.

With persuasive writing, our natural focus becomes voice.

If a teacher uses one of the three templates below to write-up a mentor text-inspired lesson that we can feature here on this page, we will send you one of our left-over copies. Lessons or inquiries can be directed to this e-mail: [email protected] invite you to freely use this page's resources in your own classrooms, and ask that, if you are sharing these materials with fellow colleagues, you visit our permissions page to make sure you are not infringing on our copyright. What we've learned is that there must be a strong foundation of other writing skills in place before asking students to write something persuasive.

Without the foundation, the persuasive writing your students will do will be flat and uninteresting.

To help identify the skills they are looking for, class participants use these three lists of subskills from our With the style posters made and posted, we find that we have surrounded ourselves with the names of skills that can be imitated by writers, explanations of how those skills enhance writing, and sample sentences that demonstrate the skills in action.

This is a powerful visual tool to have when teaching voice.

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Challenge students to "Convince your reader to want to visit the location by writing about it so well." Find several content-appropriate columns by these two writers, both of who have strong opinions about contemporary topics. Analyze the stylistic elements in the writing and challenge your students to "try on" these styles the next time they do a quick-write.On occasion, I do revise or update a lesson here at Writing Fix.I also add new student samples to many posted lessons.In groups of four, our participants revisit the "Snow" chapter during class several times.Each group becomes responsible for making two posters inspired by the skills of voice (or word choice or sentence fluency, two traits we believe build a foundation for voice).

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