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A: Kara, would you be interested in going to dinner again this Friday?

B: It would be better for me to just deal with getting my work done, but thank you for a lovely dinner.

I’d be lying if I said that growing up deaf wasn’t a challenge.

It bothered me that I had to pay more attention in class to understand my teachers and felt excluded in group outings because I missed out on much of the conversation.

Boomers and Gen X’ers at the same age) say they ever go out on dates.

“People who are so heavily reliant on relationships for their whole source of emotional security don’t know how to cope when that’s taken away from them,” says Haley, 18, who attends community college in San Diego.

You’re noticed for how your butt looks in a “sink selfie” (in which a girl sits on a bathroom sink and takes a selfie over her shoulder Kim Kardashian style), not for your sparkling personality or your kindness.

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