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After World War II, Laos became involved in the regional fight for independence, known as the French Indochina War, which officially ended in 1954.

Although Laos gained independence from France in 1953, political instability saw the country descend into civil war, in which foreign parties played significant roles as a result of the regional and world-wide struggles for power during the Cold War era.

The implications of this practice can be observed in many regions outside central Thailand.

As Fred Riggs long ago pointed out, the effectiveness of the centralized bureaucracy in Thailand is mainly responsible for the strength of the modern state of Thailand.

The educated Lao got the Lao in the classroom, but also French, wehre a fair amount of the modern vocabulary, such as What David says has a semblance of truth.

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, a collection of short stories by Lao authors translated into English and published in 1967 by the Neo Lao Haksat (Lao Patriotic Front), the political wing of the Pathet Lao, for external propaganda.However, centralization and nationalism have other effects as well. For a significant part of the twentieth century Laos was embroiled in armed conflict.Chaiyaphum, though, is one of the few provinces in Thailand where there are no private hospitals and healthcare there is about two decades behind the rest of Thailand.This might be due to a Prathet Lao insurgency that persisted into the 1990s in some areas of the province.

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