Xbox 360 not updating shared folder

I swapped that USB powered drive out for RAID enclosure and have had no issues since. I have the setting checked to turn the HDDs off when in standby. I think my S was doing it as well before but I had some of my download settings changed in the lead up to the X dropping so I blamed it on that originally.My console still downloads updates while in standby. I did change them back afterwards to normal but I still have the issue.Nice to see that it looks like a solution's been found.The strange thing is that I checked my setting to see if it was checked or not and it's enabled, but I've had no problems with it downloading while "off".Using Xbox Live Manually Applying Updates Community Q&A Minecraft is a constantly evolving game, and new updates can add some crazy content, as well as fix serious problems.Updates are usually downloaded automatically when one is available.

One of the first things I did when I got my new TV was figure out how I can stream all of my movies from my server to the TV. I finally figured out today that it’s Windows Media Player that’s doing the indexing of the movie list – you have media player running for the new files to show up!Xbox 360 games will still not automatically download from the Microsoft website even with the Xbox One X on.END UPDATEI used to rely on buying a game while at work and having the Xbox download it for me during the day so I could come home and play.I can see that game move from the Ready to Install list to the Download Queue!So now I just have to confirm that I the Xbox does this while its off.

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