Xmlvalidatingreader class

But when the attributes are present, they rule the existence of the element.For instance, an element can occur in an xml file, provided the value of the attribute min Occurs is 1 or more.By default, both min Occurs and max Occurs have a value of 1. In the xsd file, element ppp propels forward with a complex type, which has an attribute called aa located within it.

Using a built-in type, such as a string, would defeat the very purpose of having such a structure, since any string value can then be used.The types can be present either with a global scope or can be located within complex types.In the above example, the attribute tag does not terminate on the same line. Within this element, a list element is specified, with the item Type attribute pointing to a datatype.The example justifies that attribute 'aa' can now embody a list of integer values.Thus, the list created in the xml file can contain integers such as 10, 23 and 45.

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