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Previous versions had problems when the window title contained an upper ASCII character that would require restarting XMonad. Mostly, XMonad works great for my needs, but there was one thing that bothered me: how the information about the desktops was displayed. XMobar provided the desktop information and many of the status items I wanted, but kept me from using some of the nice applets provided by Gnome.On the other hand, I could use Gnome's Panels, which provided me with the nice applets, but even with the extended information hooks, Gnome's desktop management applet tended to fall flat with multiple monitors.I had Macports on this machine before, so I decide to continue using it.

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For various reasons, wiping it out with a fresh Linux distro is not an option, so I decide to look for ways of getting back to my usual setup – afterall, OS X is Unix.

In fact Macports refused to upgrade (stuck at the I took the 2nd approach, and it works out fine.

Note that when I logged onto ADC’s main site and searched for Xcode in developer tools, its link to version 3.1.4 was actually broken.

At work I ran a Linux VM on top of Windows 7 just so that I can stay within my comfort zone.

Recently my main computer at home, an Acer Aspire One netbook, was giving me a lot of trouble including corrupted filesystem, dead disk (which is actually an SD card), and so on.

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