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They also have a differently shaped nose and lip than other subspecies.Adult male gorillas' heads look conical due to the large bony crests on the top and back of the skull.They are generally quiet animals but they may also scream, bark and roar.Scientists have heard up to 22 different gorilla vocalizations, each seeming to have its own meaning.Gorillas get some protein from invertebrates found on leaves and fruits. In the afternoon, individuals are separated so each animal gets its share of preferred food items.Adult male gorillas eat about 45 pounds (32 kilograms) of food per day. At the Smithsonian's National Zoo, the group is fed together in the morning. Morning and evening foods include chow, greens, fruits and vegetables.Western lowland females may go gray below the ears and on the neck and top of the head as they age.Compared to other subspecies, western lowland gorillas have a more pronounced brow ridge and ears that appear small in relation to their heads.

Gorillas are primarily herbivorous, eating the leaves and stems of herbs, shrubs and vines.

Native to the Congo Basin, the western lowland gorilla is a quiet, peaceful and nonaggressive animal threatened by disease and poaching. Short, thin, gray-black to brown-black hair covers the entire body except the face.

Western lowland gorillas may have a more brownish coloration.

They also eat the fleshy fruits of close to a hundred seasonally fruiting tree species.

Other gorilla subspecies eat proportionally less fruit.

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