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Like the typically chaste relationships of dating sims (at least, those targeted towards Japanese teenage girls), this one subverts all the potentially horrifying implications of an inter-species relationship, while poking fun at anime tropes most fans would presumably be familiar with. Watching a horse perform a flip on a surfboard is never not funny.

What other word do we have to describe an interspecies dating simulator in which you, a human, navigate the pitfalls of secondary education while simultaneously pursuing a fledgling romance with your choice of bird?

He gets into bizarre scenarios in every episode; one has him chopping up green onions for Umako in her home; another involves him performing extreme stunts on the surfboard as part of his racehorse training; and another episode sees him going to work in the city, working as a diligent construction worker.

As Umako’s supposed love interest, Yuuma fits the role of a roguishly charming hunk to a T.

In other words, these birds don’t experience themselves as birds, but something more like humans in a birds’ bodies. Pigeo Nation’s not as birds, but as the (human) personalities they parody, the experiential weirdness starts to deflate like an aging balloon and the game becomes the very thing it was intended to parody.teases us with passing observations on the difficulties of connections between beings that are alien to each other.In one scene, your character is prohibited from participating in a three legged race on account of your physiology.The kinds of interactions you have with the two-dozen or so birds you meet at St.Pigeo Nation Institute, are, ironically, rather human in their scope.

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