Your dating spot chicago

Here are a few date ideas as you navigate the Chicago dating scene.Guide to Dating in Chicago: Laugh It Up Chicago is the home of improvisational theater.Swing music fans should stop in on Tuesday or Thursday nights.Al Capone and Charlie Chaplin used to hang out at this character-filled ex-speakeasy — not together, mind you.

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Live music is a great date idea in any city, but Chicago seems to have this category perfected.

Blues lovers need to visit Kingston Mines in Chicago’s North Side.

The Old Town School of Folk Music has an open house on the first Friday of every month.

The Windy City is packed with big-city culture, gorgeous waterfront and friendly strangers, making Chicago a great place to date.

It’s been called “New York done right,” but most locals would argue Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, can stand on its own as a distinct metropolis.

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