Yugioh dating sim game who is juelz santana dating

It also extends the playability of the games – once you finish up all the regular stuff, you can really focus on wooing that man or woman of your dreams! So, folks, there you have it – the future of Pokemon games: dating sim elements. Maybe Blaine won’t take you seriously because you’re just some runt, so you have to work hard to prove to him that you’re worth his time. If I can produce something up to par, I’ll look into expanding the team to include a more experienced programmer (I don’t consider myself one, but my fiance would make a nice choice) and an artist or artists if I can recruit more than one. I’ll be working on writing the scripts and stories to begin with.

There may also be a need for music if we ever get that far.

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Not mad on the other girl, overall the designs do need some work but to be hones it's not a proper test if you don't give us some kind of storyline or hint as to what's going on- if the girl is the player character i'm not playing. with like black hair and a punky but cute look or something and yes that is just my own selfish personal test slipped in there lol just make it already!!!!!

I’m sitting here, and, not for the first time in recent vintage, I am sighing and lamenting that there are no dating sim elements in the Pokemon games. Its bad enough that Joey calls me up to talk about his Rattata and Tiffany always wants to talk about her Flaafy (dude, no one cares about your fucking Flaafy) – imagine how horrible it’d be if they just started calling you up to ask you things like what your sign is (do people still ask this???

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