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That could be one positive that could come from having my name... Ashley Madison, Orlando: I successfully sued that company for illegally appropriating my birth name and Screen Actor Guild professional name.

They promptly settled the suit and were ordered to immediately take down all websites using my name, image and likeness to capitalize on their brand.

As an American citizen I do feel that it’s a violation of privacy and that they are entitled to anonymity. Ashley Madison, Orlando: My thoughts on the Ashley Madison leak are complicated. I still don't think it's right for hackers to release that information and then say it needs to be shut down or else they will release more information.Short answer: No, I don’t think it's right that news outlets are reporting and leaking personal information on the people who have chosen to use the website. Ashley Madison, Orlando: As a happily married woman and a true victim among the many who have been victimized by that website and all it represents, I hope they drown in lawsuit hell.I felt very defeated at the time and I was wary of what my course of action should be and how I should defend myself against these brazen bullies who I felt had taken it upon themselves to use my name to capitalize on their brand at the expense of my reputation and character.It was a very trying, difficult time, and yes, very strange. Ashley Madison, Massachusetts: At a fundraiser event that I went to, I had an executive from a business come up to me to ask me where the bathrooms were. And he said it's funny how a future employer could Google my name and not much would come up that has to do with me.

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